2013 Wine & Cheese Social Photo Gallery

2014 Fundraising Social - Wine and Cheese at Greenville Museum of Art

This year's wine and cheese reception which took place Wednesday, October 8th at the Greenville Museum of Art provided us with more than a chance to enjoy one another’s company over sumptuous food and beverages; it yielded attendance of 62 new and returning members and friends, and $350 in new membership dues. We hosted two city council members and a county commissioner.

We were also joined by two student speakers, Allison Dixon and Helayna Clark who read their essays from our Arbor Day essay content. You can read their essay, by clicking below.

Everyone who joined us has a much better idea of what we do as an organization and what changes we are planning in the near future. The timing of the event was perfect in terms of stimulating interest in Community Tree Day. And, we even found a new friend in an arborist who has moved here from California and wants to be involved with ReLeaf on a committee or board.

Lastly, we found the best reason for having the wine and cheese event this fall; to make everyone clear on how much we can, and are contributing, to our community as we approach our 25th year of service. Great job everyone on a successful annual meeting.