2013 Wine & Cheese Social Photo Gallery

2013 Fundraising Social - Wine and Cheese at Greenville Museum of Art

ReLeaf's 23rd Annual Wine & Cheese Social was held at the Greenville Museum of Art, November 17, 2013, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. It was a big hit and well-attended. Being in the presence of all that beauty and creativity, we felt very elegant while wining, dining, and socializing.

The Museum was a perfect location for our Social. The Museum was exhibiting Nature’s Design, The Botanical Photographs of Robert Llewellyn. Robert is the photographer of the book Seeing Trees, whose author is Nancy Hugo Ross. Nancy was the featured guest and speaker at the Cooperative Extension’s Friends of the Arboretum event last January.

According to the Washington Post about their book Seeing Trees, Ross and Llewellyn “have brought the level of observation to new heights, in a way that hasn’t been seen”. So, we feel very privileged that Greenville has been host to both and we have been enriched by their love of trees. A special thanks goes to Inez Fridley as the brainchild of this collaborative effort!