Recent Articles in the Daily Reflector
Take a look at some recent articles in the Daily Reflector. <more>

The Children's Tree
First there was a tree that Sharon Rhue painted and the tree went to the Dream Park. And Meagan wrote questions for the children to help them think about trees. <more>

“How Could We Lose This Forest?” – Searching for the

DAR Memorial Forest

“How could we lose this forest?” It’s a history mystery we’d been working on for more than two weeks when Molly Tartt, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution in western North Carolina, asked me that in an email. Indeed, how does a 50-acre forest vanish from maps and memory? <more>

Thank You Lakeforest Elementary
As you might expect for an organization such as ReLeaf, a highlight of our year is Arbor Day. Each year we select an elementary school to celebrate with. Last April, it was Lakeforest Elementary, where we received such a warm welcome, that we just have to tell you about it once again. <more>

Trees Of Greenville - Osage Orange Tree
Have you ever seen an Osage Orange tree? I had not - until this one - a stately specimen standing along side a major road in Greenville. You aren’t likely to find an Osage Orange tree at your local nursery, but it is thought that they were once quite prolific, as fossils exist from previous geologic eras. <more>

It’s For The Birds
One of the biggest -yet least recognized- impacts that humans are creating through urbanization is loss of biodiversity. As we build cities and suburbs, we replace natural habitat (which contained predominantly native plant species) with non-native species. <more>

Dream Park Planting
Not only did ReLeaf, Inc. non profit organization organize a planting of seven trees on Saturday January 30 at the Greenville Community Shelter at 1600 Chestnut Street, but it was almost all done by 19 enthusiastic students descended from the Hmong Student Association. These ECU students are the sons and daughters of a refugee group who arrived in the United States at the close of the Vietnam War. <more>

How Do I Prune My Crapemyrtle?
No matter where I go someone asks or comments about pruning crapemyrtles. Since it is the time of year when many people prune crapemyrtles, it is a good time to review the process. <more>

Tree Fertilizer
How long has it been since trees in your landscape have been fertilized? Soil testing is one way to determine if fertilization is needed. Another way is to look at the tree. Symptoms of a nutrient deficient tree include a slow growth rate, smaller than normal foliage, off-color foliage, increasing dead branches, tip die back, and increased insect and disease problems. It is important to make sure that a lack of nutrients is the problem before fertilizing. <more>

Tree Myths Part 2
Pruning is only for large trees. It is easier to prune trees when they are small versus waiting until they are large to correct problems. <more>

Tree Myths Part 1
Trees should be long lived if plant selection, soil preparation, planting, mulching, establishment, and maintenance are done right. Unfortunately they don’t always live long. Since trees are so much a part of our lives including our yards, neighborhoods, parks, communities, cities, towns, and forests, everyone has ideas and opinions about trees. Some of these ideas and opinions about trees have led to tree myths, so let’s review a few. <more>

Releaf Celebrates 25 Years
Advisory board members June Graves, Al Meuller and Patsy Duke led the way for a birthday celebration of our 25th year of making Greenville greener. <more>