March 17th, 2018 Photo Gallery

Community Tree Day 2018 - partners with shovels in hand
This year ReLeaf partnered with Friends of Greenville Greenways (FROGGS), ReLeaf at ECU, and the City of Greenville to plant 90 trees in an area that was originally planted seven years ago. But, beyond just filling in the gaps between trees that did not prosper, much more went on this St. Patrick's Day.
Sure, the weather could not have been better, and it was great that there was almost a volunteer for almost every tree that was planted.
How could it get any better than that?
It was great that the Director of Greenville's Recreation and Parks Department was our key note speaker and that Councilmen Will Bell and Rick Smiley were present and spoke to the crowd. Don Dixon, our N.C. Senator also came to support the effort.
So, there was great support from our local leaders for the event. That must have been the most important part of the day - right?
It was wonderful that the city staff had organized the planting effort so expertly and that this year that the trees were even mulched as well as planted in three short hours.
So, was that the best part of the day?
It was great that so many students and young people were among the volunteers planting trees. Sorority sisters, student members of ReLeaf at ECU and lots of local residents of "the grid" came to plant.
That must have been the best part- such a large turnout?
At the end of the day, it was wonderful to see all the new trees in an area that is used so much by the community. And, it was wonderful to have a new partner added to our group of friends. FROGGS, Friends of Greenville Greenways, became our friends. We shared tables with refreshments for the crowd, handed out brochures describing our organizations jointly, and distributed 100 white hats with the logos of both organizations side by side. We even started planning our next joint appearance.
ReLeaf has planted around 1,800 trees in its 28-year history. It has contributed almost a quarter of a million dollars to the city in terms of shade, plants that filter the air and furnish oxygen, and make our city a more attractive place to live. And now, we have more friends than ever.
So, I leave you with my final question…
Have you ever been to a Saturday tree planting, a real Community Tree Day, where so many good things happened in so little time and in such a wonderful space?
I HAVE, and I am looking forward to another planting with all of our new friends and volunteers on the greenway this coming fall.
Hunt McKinnon
President ReLeaf