September 26th, 2015 Photo Gallery

September 26th, 2015
Twenty one volunteers braved the rain Saturday, September 26th to plant 15 Maple and 16 Pine trees at the Community Crossroads Center. The event was one of two plantings on the block; the second planting will concentrate on the Dream Park; and both projects are to be financed by a grant from the Urban Forestry.
The planting completed the street and the parking lot planting requirements for trees. The locations were based on the approved plans for the new facility, and will help the City grant the certificate of occupancy so those who are homeless will have a place to sleep, and live safely. The efforts of the group were appreciated:
Good morning everyone.

Thank all of you for your support Saturday (and the days leading up to the tree planting). This is another piece to our wonderful community facility. Over the past 18 months, so many people from the community have played a part in making all this possible. It does my heart good to know that there are many dedicated people to making things better for those that stay at the Center.

And…the trees look GREAT! Your finishing touches will allow us to get our permanent Certificate of Occupancy.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff and the residents of Community Crossroads Center, thank you for your contribution to making this place a reality.

ReLeaf generally plants trees that are in the public good due to their contributions to the environment. In the case of this planting a social, as well as botanical, contribution was made. This is due to the efforts of the volunteers who came to plant the needed trees.
A special thank you to the following:
  • Worthington Farms for furnishing the trees, with special thanks to Board member Tod Williams and Mike Worthington for their help in guiding the volunteers in the correct method of planting trees,
  • Board member Stephen Jones, who prepared the site for our planting and was the mentor for another group of volunteers,
  • Kevin Heifferon, who headed the third planting group and offered his valuable advice to us all as the City Arborist,
  • Board member Meghan Shearer who served as our volunteer coordinator,
  • Board member Sharon Rhue for writing the grant that furnished the funds for this project,
  • Councilman Rick Smiley who planted as many trees as anyone else on Saturday rather than attend the event to lobby for re-election – Thank you Rick for your continued support of ReLeaf,
  • And, to our host, the Community Crossroads Center for furnishing volunteers, a dry place to gather and get started with our work, and refreshments.
Photographs provided courtesy of Greg Gauss, thank you Greg for sharing the images you captured.