Community Tree Day 2014 Photo Gallery

Fall 2014 Community Tree Day
Approximately 180 volunteers helped plant 250 trees at Community Tree Day on Saturday, November 8th. The turnout was so good we had time to start mulching the trees that were planted. Volunteers for this year’s event included 65 ECU students, 25 crew members from Stephan Jones Landscape Services, 20 members of the Hmong Student organization, 13 students from the Oakwood School, 10 members of Truna, 9 Rotary members, and Releaf board members. Not only was this the largest turn out for any Community Tree Day to date, but the planting is not over yet. Six large trees will be moved before the end of November from the site of the Greenville Convention Center to the College View neighborhood and it looks like there will be yet another planting effort at one of the sororities in the area.