Community Tree Day 2013 Photo Gallery

Spring 2013 Community Tree Day
The 3rd Annual Community Tree Day was once again a successful community-wide event to mass-plant trees in Greenville for the beautification of our city and the quality of life for our residents. This year we planted over 100 trees and hundreds of seedlings at River Park North and the East & West Meadowbrook neighborhoods. The volunteers numbered around 100 so you could say for every volunteer a tree was planted. The types of trees planted are Black Gum (Black Tupelo), White Oak, Bald Cypress, Southern Magnolia, Tulip Poplar, Washington Hawthorn, and flowering Dogwoods. The seedlings that were planted are Swamp Chestnut Oaks, Red Buckeyes, and Tridant Maples. Special thanks to the Public Works Grounds Division and Transit Division, River Park North, Worthington Farms, all the merchants that donated refreshments, and the volunteers that made it possible to plant hundreds of trees in just one morning.
Fall 2013 Community Tree Day
The 4th Community Tree Day was held this Fall in the Glen Arthur neighborhood, between Evans and Charles, and 14th and 10th. What a pleasure to be in that neighborhood and plant an array of trees along their streets. Ninety-six trees were planted that morning by volunteers and neighbors. Varieties include Sycamores, Maples, Golden Rain Trees, Red Buds, Nuttail Oaks, English Oaks, Pistachios, Dogwoods, Zelkovas, and Crepe Myrtles. Many of the residents spoke of the beauty these trees will bring to their neighborhood in the future.

Many thanks to all who made this possible: the Public Works Grounds Division and Transit Division, South Greenville Church of Christ who hosting us, Worthington Farms, the volunteers and neighbors of Glen Arthur, and all the merchants who donated refreshments: Fresh Market, Greenville Starbucks, and the Harris Teeter on Charles Blvd. Russell Williams of Fresh Market donated lovely reusable grocery bags and coupons for every volunteer! Please take note of the trees in the Glenn Arthur neighborhood as you drive along Evans and perhaps turn into the Glen Arthur Neighborhood for a look at the latest ReLeaf project.