Community Tree Day 2017 – President’s Letter

Community Tree Day is going to be a real treat this year.

That is because participants will have a chance to plant trees to make Greenville even greener as well as to walk the new section of the Green Mill Run Greenway. What could be better? Our event will be from 9 AM to noon on Saturday, March 18, 2017 and will focus on areas that need additional trees along the 2.4 mile Greenway extension.

We will meet behind the Belk Building at the Blount Pavilion. This is a white masonry building with toilets and space for a sign in table as well as tables for food, coffee, tea, and water for volunteers. Kevin Heifferon, the city arborist, will then show the group the proper way to plant a tree and then we will break into teams that will be transported to a place along the greenway where trees have already been left next to holes previously bored by Public Works employees.

Volunteers will dig the earth out of the holes that have been augured and plant an estimated 80-100 trees in selected locations. We will stake and mulch the trees if time allows. We expect to be through with our work by noon. Come, help us plant, get some exercise, enjoy refreshments, have fun with folks with similar concerns, and walk away with some ReLeaf sports gear when you leave. What could be better??

Hunt McKinnon
President, ReLeaf

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Community Tree Day from Tyree Barnes on Vimeo.