Commemorative Tree Honorees 2015

A $100 tax-deductible donation enables the purchase and installation of trees in ReLeaf's annual planting program. A single Commemorative Tree Registration may honor or memorialize one person or a couple. Names of those honored or memorialized are displayed on a plaque in the Washington Street Lobby of the Municipal Building in downtown Greenville.
2015 Commemorative Tree Donors (May 2014 - June 2015)
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In Memory
Rachel Edwards
Louise Elks
Pia Leahy
Edward Schlichting
Terry Shank
Gay Dupree Waldrop
Thomas G. Jefferson
Given by
Rusty & Patsy Duke
Lyndndale Garden Club
Rusty & Patsy Duke
Sharon Schlichting
Homesick Book Club
Lector Book Club
Dr. & Mrs. May, Mr. & Mrs. Miller,
Dr. & Mrs. Young, Ed & Nancy Monroe,
Ms. Cam Scales
In Honor
Ann Eleanor
Beta Sigma Phi

Mrs. Clara Carr
Jake Postma
Gretchen Kemmer
Kevin Barnes
Janet Smith
Marsha Wyly
Lisa and Rolf Kannen
Beta Sigma Phi
c/o Linda Schadler
Lynndale Garden Club
Mary Hannah Postma
Releaf Board
Releaf Board
Releaf Board
Releaf Board