Commemorative Tree Honorees 2012

A $100 tax-deductible donation enables the purchase and installation of trees in ReLeaf's annual planting program. A single Commemorative Tree Registration may honor or memorialize one person or a couple. Names of those honored or memorialized are displayed on a plaque in the Washington Street Lobby of the Municipal Building in downtown Greenville.
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In Memory
Dick Tolmie
Thomas B. Brenner
Helen Lawson
Cheryl Renee Ball
Edward T. Schlichting
Shirley Hooks Lovick
Christy J. Gouras
Bob Brockett
Katie Ball
Kathie Weigel
Margaret “Peggy” Stevens
Johnnie E. Umphlet, Jr.
Janice Whitehurst
Ina Moore Ezzell
Christopher Forbes Carter
Corydon Dwight Garrett, Sr.
Ruby Mae Medley Hobbs
Sharon Keary
John & Jeannie Carstarphen
Jamie Kristine Kimble
Mary Elizabeth Potter Wells
David Daniel
Given by
Mrs. James Ficklen
Martha Watson
Lector Book Club
Lynn Dowdy, Karen Groot, Chears Wilms, Cheryl Duncan, Sarah Gust
Sharon Schlichting
Girls from the Salon
Judy & Don Edwards
Pat & John Guyette
Lee & Nancy Ball
Ruth Kemp, Diana Dalton
Patricia & Russell Duke
ECU Police Department
Lynndale Garden Club
NC Academy of Dance and Arts
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Carter III
Lisa Brenner & Bruce Wilhelmsen
Pat & John Guyette
Lector Book Club
Lisa Kannen
Inez Fridley
Jerry & Glenda Whitehurst
Greenville Garden Club
In Honor
James & Samia Sullivan
Ted & Nancy Weil
Judy & Dave Whichard
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Charles Ward
Jon Shaw
Myriah Shewchuck
Inez Fridley
Nell Garner
Keep Greenville Green
June Graves
June Graves
Sally Freelove

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