Commemorative Tree Honorees 2011

A $100 tax-deductible donation enables the purchase and installation of trees in ReLeaf's annual planting program. A single Commemorative Tree Registration may honor or memorialize one person or a couple. Names of those honored or memorialized are displayed on a plaque in the Washington Street Lobby of the Municipal Building in downtown Greenville.
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In Memory
Elizabeth Wells Honeycutt
Morris Brody
Katie C. Johnson
Katie Corbett Johnson

Rosemarie Priestly
Thomas B. Brenner
Thomas B. Brenner
Thomas Minges
Captain Tom Brenner
Thomas B. Brenner
Henry Bryan Blount
Bernice Parker
Catherine "Kitty" Joyner
Evelyn Fleming
Evelyn F. Laupus
Jeannie Carstarphen
Dick Tolmie

In Honor

Lisa Ballance
Dig 'N Delve Garden Club
Devin Livi
Louise Clement

Ann Bellis
June Graves
Ann Riggs
Seniors Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Grace Smith

Given by
Lector Book Club
Don and Judy Edwards
Don and Judy Edwards
Janey Ferguson, Alice Glennon, Sydney Womack, Alice Glennon, Barbara Wilkerson, Cathy Gavigan, Sheri Carter, Patsy McPherson, Sally Freelove, Jo Smith, Mary Holt Faircloth (2 trees)
Lynndale Garden Club
Don English
Robert and Barbara Sutton
Rusty and Patsy Duke
Don and Judy Edwards, Lamont and Cindy Wooten
Martha Watson
Bobby and Delores Mills, Faye Rouse
Don Edwards
Rusty and Patsy Duke
Margurite Caruso, Marie Williams, Ginger Eckermann
Pickwick Book Club, c/o Mary Raab
Lisa Kannen
Mrs James Ficklen, Jr.

Potpourri Garden Club
Dig 'N Delve Garden Club
ReLeaf Board of Directors
Lisa Crawley Smith, Heidi Tucker, Lee Stephenson, Catherine Young
Dig 'N Delve Garden Club
ReLeaf Board of Directors
ReLeaf Board of Directors
ReLeaf Board of Directors
ReLeaf Board of Directors
Iota Kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Sorority
Dorothy Gregory, Greenville Garden Club