Commemorative Tree Honorees 2009

A $100 tax-deductible donation enables the purchase and installation of trees in ReLeaf's annual planting program. A single Commemorative Tree Registration may honor or memorialize only one person, except for a couple. Names of those honored or memorialized are displayed on a plaque in the Washington Street Lobby of the Municipal Building in downtown Greenville.
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In Memory
Marie Cox
Doris Duval Flanagan
Les Garner
Les Garner
Laura Haskins
Carlton Hawkins
Anna Rose Long
Nona McKibben
Louise Page
George Saad
Jackie Sealy
Bill & Nicki Watson
Blaise Michael Youngs

In Honor
Louise Clement
Sarah Coutanch Evans Chapter DAR
Parma Howard
Johnnie Patterson
Wyatt Mason Schmidt
Deanna Sergi
Given by
Don, Judy, & Rachel Edwards
Lector Book Club
Rusty & Patsy Duke
Don, Judy, and Rachel Edwards
Greenville Garden Club
Elaine Hawkins
Patrick Long
Ginger & Ed Eckermann
Lynndale Garden Club
Don, Judy, & Rachel Edwards
Winston Kobe
Don, Judy, & Rachel Edwards
The Girls Next Door

Given by
Your Friends
Nell Garner
Lou Folger
Gary & Brenda Giles
Rodney & Mary Schmidt
Brenda Giles