Commemorative Tree Honorees 2006

A $100 tax-deductible donation enables the purchase and installation of trees in ReLeaf's annual planting program. A single Commemorative Tree Registration may honor or memorialize only one person, except for a couple. Names of those honored or memorialized are displayed on a plaque in the Washington Street Lobby of the Municipal Building in downtown Greenville.
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In Memory of
Marsha Benayon
Dr. F. Oris Blackwell
Marvin K. Blount, Jr.
Jean "Tutu" Brenner
Jimmie L. Cashion
Sari S. Chernau
Louis (Studie) Ficklen
James Andrew Jones
Sally B. Lucido
Grover C. Maxwell, Jr.
Dr. Howard Satterfield
Edward T. Schlichting
Glenn Smart
Ann B. Sullivan
Jerry Thomas
Melinda Turner, R.N.
In Honor of
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Chalovich
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Cory
Teresa Jepson
Dr. Ronald S. Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. George Kasperek
Dr. & Mrs. Brett Keiper
Dr. & Mrs. Phillip Pekala
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Marks
Dr. & Mrs. Sam Pennington