Dream Park Planting

It seems that more than one dream is coming true in Greenville!

Not only did ReLeaf, Inc. non profit organization organize a planting of seven trees on Saturday January 30 at the Greenville Community Shelter at 1600 Chestnut Street, but it was almost all done by 19 enthusiastic students descended from the Hmong Student Association. These ECU students are the sons and daughters of a refugee group who arrived in the United States at the close of the Vietnam War.

The Hmong Student Association (HSA) at East Carolina University turned out in force to plant an assortment of trees including, cherry and willow oaks under the expert guidance of Gene Stano from the East Carolina University Facilities Services department. The Director of the Shelter, Bob Williams, was there to supply the students with coffee and sandwiches after their work. Finally, Sharon Rhue from Rivers and Associates who wrote the grant that made this possible gave the participants tee shirts from the NC Urban Forest Council.

According to Hunt McKinnon, President of ReLeaf, Inc. these plantings are a continuation of a reforestation project on the Dream Park and the Greenville Community Shelter grounds and the third time the Hmong students have energetically assisted in the plantings.

The Hmong arrived in this country after the Vietnam War where as inhabitants of Laos and Thailand, they aided the American side, resulting in the need to flee their native home. Their culture focuses on family. They unite as one family to help themselves and their community. Their enthusiasm and work ethic made the plantings go quickly and will leave Greenville more beautiful. North Carolina is lucky to have the Hmong residing here who so profoundly believe in taking care of the land and trees.

Furthermore, Releaf, Inc. is thrilled that Bai Xiong accepted their invitation to be a member of the ReLeaf Board. ReLeaf would also like to thank each of the Hmong Student Association planters, Michelle Lor, Katarina Lo, Jerry Vang, Nicholas Henry, Gao Shen Lor, Jenny Vang, Laura Lor, Bai Xiong, Weslee Yang, Goali Victoria Yang, Sammy Vue, Richard Khang, Keyonte Easter, Aaron Yang, Kong Xee Moua, Jason P Yang, Darryl Vang, and Jacky Vang for their support. For more information about this wonderful group check out their Facebook organization site called ECU HSA.

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