ReLeaf was established in 1990 to plant, promote, and protect canopy trees. ReLeaf helps to reverse the effects of deforestation and global warming, combat climate change, and increase the positive appearance of public and common areas in Greenville. ReLeaf is a community-based, volunteer and nonprofit organization. Since 1990 Releaf has planted and replaced over 1,500 trees and contributed over $229,000 to the beautification and re-greening of Greenville. With your help ReLeaf can keep planting, promoting, and educating.
ReLeaf plants canopy trees in Greenville North Carolina. ReLeaf is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that must have financial support from its community. Your support is necessary to keep us planting trees!

Special quotes from the Arbor Day Essays, contributed by our former president Janet Smith.

“A good way to bring people together is to have them plant trees in their neighborhood. This can help people make friends and improve the environment at the same time!”

“We have a symbiotic relationship with trees. I feel deserted when I am in a place with no trees.”

“A property with no trees next to one with trees is like a plain brownie next to a brownie with fudge and sprinkles.”

“I used to think that Arbor Day was planting trees and a way to get dirty but, it's really about helping the environment and the air from pollution.”

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